Make your practice paperless with WishHealth

Still thinking of getting practice online?

More Features

  • Add patient history

    Add patient history and view it online during the appointment, no need to shuffle through lot of papers.

  • Record each visit details by recording voice

    Record each visit either typing real time or record it and transcript later.

  • Suggest tests online

    Suggest test like blood or urine online which will appear in patients app.

  • Promote practice with important public details online

    By adding working hours, specialities or your credentials make your practice more accessible and visible over internet.

  • Manage appointments online

    Move all the appointment management at single place, online. Whether you work in single clinc or multiple all appointments can be managed in wishHealth.

  • Send important communication to either single or all patients

    Send important communication to targeted patient or all patient, let them know of changes to clinic timings or holidays coming or best way to keep healthy.

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