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Please study the End User License Agreement containing disclaimers and terms and conditions before using the App. It will be considered that those using or accessing this App, have understood and accepted these disclaimers and terms and conditions. If you do not acknowledge any of these disclaimers or terms and conditions, then you should not utilise the App.


 Neither WishHealth as an entity, nor any of its employees or partners can be held liable for any direct or indirect damages caused by usage of the App. It is your personal responsibility to keep back up for any data you entered into the App as computer devices can malfunction from time to time.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction - Any dispute or claim related to the usage of the App should be brought in the courts governed by the laws of Chandigarh, India.

Changes and Updates - WishHealth reserves the right to update information offered in the App without prior notice to the users.

 Objective of App - The App is meant for facilitating patient self-management for their condition. ‘WishHealth’ is a fully secured web and smart phone APP going to be to most important tool in the hands of anyone who wants to take charge of their conditions like thalassaemia, diabetes, general health etc. It is designed in such a way that it will empower patients, parents, doctors, technicians etc to have full control of health of themselves and near and dear ones. This would be possible as they would be able to track their general health, routine and condition specific tests like thlassaemia specific etc, vaccinations, medicines, appointments, allergies, generate reports, get alerts and notification, reach or send message to near and dear ones when in distress etc, socialise with friends using blogs, news feeds, discussion forums, remain updated about events etc. The application reminds users to follow their medication and appointment dates. The App is not meant for diagnosing, curing or preventing any disease or condition.

Medical Advice - The App should not be treated as a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Do not make changes to your medication based on advice given on the App. First preference must be given to the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. Do not delay or ignore medical advice on the basis of information available on the App. In case of a health problem or any side effect due to medication, you must consult your doctor.

Regulatory Approval - The App has not been evaluated by any domestic or foreign regulatory agency. So it is not approved to diagnose or treat any disease.

Contact Information - If you have any queries regarding the disclaimers or terms and conditions offered or any other general questions, please contact us using the information stated above.

Consent to Electronic Messages from WishHealth - App users have the option of receiving electronic messages from WishHealth containing alerts, reminders, requests for your feedback, information, notifications, commercial messages etc.


Transmission of non identifiable data- We collect non-personally identifiable data regarding the use of the App for further improvement purposes. Those who do not wish that their data be collected by us should not use the App.

Transmission of identifiable data- All the personal information or identifiable data which is sometimes mailed by users directly to the health provider is not collected by the App. But information sent by mail could be interception by third parties.


Privacy Statement:

Updated information offered on data storage.

Welcome to WishHealth! Like any other business organisation, we want to protect our privacy. This privacy statement offers insights regarding the procedure and objectives behind the personal information collected by us when our clients utilise our applications and visit our websites. All the methods used by us for keeping that information safe have been mentioned. Our privacy policy is based on the internationally recognised privacy principles followed by leading companies.

In this entire privacy statement, whenever “we”, “us” and “our” is mentioned, it refers to WishHealth. Whenever “you” or “user” is used, we refer to our actual customers or prospective customers.

WishHealth is a Web and Mobile health companion which offers peer-to-peer support and self-management tools. In order to offering services, we also collect personal Information like name, IP address, residential address email address, telephone number, gender, age, health status, family information, ID numbers etc.

It is generally up to the people who visit our website to decide how much information, they want to offer. No information, would be taken forcibly from them.


WishHealth has the services of an inhouse Privacy Officer, who makes sure that the privacy policy is implemented properly. He also makes sure that all the privacy-related questions of users are answered accordingly. In case of any changes to the privacy policy, the Privacy Officer updates the required information.

You can contact our Privacy Officer at:

WishHealth Team

WishHealth Pvt Ltd



Reasons behind Identification

WishHealth collects, utilises or discloses personal data for offering services to clients. In the following cases the information is used:

Suppose you want to create an account with us, then your email address will be required.

If we want to contact you for offering product information, service updates etc then we will ask for personal information.

While checking system usage, server and software performance, enhancing system design, adopting benchmarks and conducting trending analyses.

Data is also required for social services, research, analytics, statistical purposes and marketing purposes.

At times, while offering technical support, we ask for personal information.

In case of legal investigations, court orders etc, we might share personal information or ask for personal information, to protect ourselves from harm.

During various processes like financing, merger, amalgamation, sale etc, we might share personal information while making sure that provisions are made to protect it.

We ask for personal information while conducting surveys or research for enhancing our services.

While billing or collect payment, we might ask for personal information.


WishHealth offers a consent-based approach to accumulating, utilising and offering personal information. When a person uses our services, we collect some personal information. We use this personal information as per our private policy.

All our clients are free to close their accounts after contacting us. As soon as the withdrawal request is received, we remove all the personal information related to that client. Certainly, all the data which recognises you will be removed.

We also offer the option of unsubscribe to our prospective or old customers, whom we send commercial emails. By using this option, they can block the mails from our side.

Limiting collection

At WishHealth, we collect only the minimum amount of information, that is required for offering the services. Though we offer the opportunity to give more information, in order to offer enhanced services.

If a client himself offers access of his account to others, then we will not be responsible if his personal information falls in to wrong hands.

We also offer our clients the opportunity to utilise the services of third party service providers for related products. In such cases obviously your personal information will be shared with third parties. In case you are against sharing information, then you must not use those third party services.

Limiting use, disclosure and retention

Apart from service, for no other purpose is the information taken from clients. In case of any other purpose, the consent of the customers will be taken.

Only those employees who are involved in the service process are given access to the required information. They use this information while doing the work assigned by their superiors.

When a client is utilising the services of WishHealth, their personal information is secured in access-secured databases. In case the services are withdrawn by client, then his personal information will be deleted with in a month's time.

All the information related to clients is protected on secured servers. You can contact our Privacy Officer for further details in this regard.

We offer the opportunity to utilise the services offered by our partners, who are offering similar products or services. In such cases, your personal information will be subject to the privacy policy of our partners. In this case, reviewing and agreeing to their policies is up to you.

When a customer uses one of our mobile apps, their personal data gets accumulated in the memory of the device. But once they sign out from the app, no record of the personal data remains. But you must make sure that you close the apps while leaving the system so that anyone else cannot use them.


WishHealth expects its clients to offer accurate personal information for using our services. They are allowed to make deletions or corrections by contacting us at


WishHealth uses different protection measures ie. managerial, technological and physical to safeguard your information from theft or unauthorized access. We adhere to all the legal requirements and industry practices in this regard.

If we allow any third party interference related to your personal Information then we offer the third parties’ privacy policy immediately upon request.


WishHealth makes its privacy policy easily accessible to all users. In case of any further query, our Privacy Officer could be contacted. The contact details of the privacy officer are mentioned on our website.

In case you find that your personal data has been misplaced, used, copied, deleted or changed without your permission then you must notify us immediately.

No unauthorised access

The rights to reviewing, editing and removing your personal information rests with the individual client. WishHealth will offer your regular and prompt updates in case of sharing your information with a third party.

Cookies and other tracking technologies

A cookie refers to a small text file which is stored on the user’s computer as data. A particular session's ID cookie ends when you either remove it or close your browser. A determined cookie is difficult to dislodge and it resides on your hard drive for a longer period of time. We do not mix the data stored in cookies with the personal information offered by our clients while visiting our website. The session cookies are used to go through the secure environment inside our business website. When you log into WishHealth, your browser would enquire whether you want to become a registered user of WishHealth or not. In case of your approval, the session ID becomes a determined cookie which automatically expires after being not used for two weeks. You can erase a determined cookie by adhering to the instructions offered by the “help” file of the browser. If you deny the cookies, then you will not be able to utilise all the services offered by us, as session ID cookies are required for navigation.

WishHealth also offers analytical services to their clients which require the usage of cookies. No personal data will be included in these cookies. If the usage of any cookie offered by any service provider is found to be different from the practices mentioned then we will revise this document accordingly and notify you of the change.

Further information

WishHealth also offers blogs and community forums for the interested users. Similarly users who have an active account with us can post information on their accounts. This information could be read, accumulated and utilised by other members. We are not responsible for any complaint, damage, liability created due to any post or publication by an account user.

After taking the consent of users we utilise their testimonials for promoting our products and services. In case of a request made by a member, we will immediately delete the name, testimonial of that particular user. For further information in this regard, you can contact us at

The confidentiality or security of communication conducted through emails is also not under our control. If you plan to send us any information which you do not want to disclose to others then you must notify us first.

Guarding your privacy when you are browsing the net is your own responsibility. Our service pages might be offering links to other websites. Those websites might not be governed by our Privacy Statement. So you should go through the privacy policy of those websites, before sharing information with them or hiring their services.

Proper Notification In Case of Changes to Privacy Statement

Our privacy statement might undergo changes from time to time. The changes will be immediately posted on the website page. We will also send emails to clients who have opened accounts with us. We encourage our users to make regular inquiries regarding our privacy policy.

Challenging our compliance with private policy

WishHealth's Privacy Officer has been assigned the task of answering the queries of clients as well as dealing with clients who think that we have breached our privacy policy statement. They can submit their concerns to: